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    We have grew up with, we must have read it, and we must have seen it all over Facebook, they have one of the most creative covers, but this post is not about the cover, its about the content! last issue they ran full pages where they would get quotes from the SCAF messages and well say how the SCAF failed to deliver on that message. So naturally, as a person who dabbles in media i was intrigued on weren’t they afraid to scare the potential advertisers. So i did what i always do, i picked up the phone and called up the owner of the Magazine, and asked him that question exactly, and he said but not in these exact words, so i am not sure if i

    That in campus, the sales department and the advertising department run differently, even before revolution you might find us giving an honest review of a place that is not so good, but they still advertise with us. In addition you have to think as the clients they are like me and you, they are followers, they like to follow trends, take for example EL YOUM 7 website, its one of the most unreliable and not so credible websites when it comes to news yet it has a lot of traffic on it and advertisers go with them. At campus we care about creating reliable and TRUE  CONTENT, and content that is with the current times, and because of our honesty we get our followers and traffic, so the advertisers stay with us. 

     So campus in summary, after reading your magazine and see your strategy, i have one word …. RESPECT!