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    ByGanz is organising an easter like no other.  For the first time in I dont know how long they would be opening Sahel early! Yes They are starting Sahel season in April, two month before anyone else.

    They are doing it with a big effing Shibang!

    4 nights, 3 parties, 7 DJs

    4-3-7 …. 4-3-7.

    4+3=7 That is the formula of success this easter.

    They are coming up with a package, where you can stay in   Sidi Abdel Rahman Hotel in Marassi for four nights,  attend 3 parties and dance to 7 DJs!

    4 + 3 = 7

    So for four nights Sidi Abdel Rahman hotel will be taken control of byganz, where the guests would be all byganz guests, and you will be in family of your own… you know how this would be like… absolutely insane fun.

    It would be like an escapade, a european escapade, except with better beaches. Yes north coast is a better beach.

    Check out their teaser so far of what is going down!

    This Sham El Nessim will not be like your usual annual Easter. byGanz Events Extraordinaire is giving us a 4 day beach extravaganza.
    The byGanz team is taking over the Sidi Abdel Rahman Hotel in Marassi North Coast and turning it into THE destination for Easter. Yes!! We are starting Sa7el early!
    With an unbeatable 4 night package, 3 parties and 7 DJS and the breathtaking Sidi Abdel Rahman bay is right outside your door step, you will really not like missing this one! And for our guests who wish to stay in their Sa7el homes we have a package just for the parties!

    Rooms are limited!
    Reservation numbers will be posted soon!