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  • The Bro Guide to Gouna


    You know the drill. You and and the squad want a testosterone-fueled weekend trip together – somewhere where you’ll find great food, fun activities and most of all, a chance to high-five each other at sunset over your drama-free, easygoing holiday. It’s simple: try Gouna, the perfect destination for some adrenaline-pumping activities, sports, man-friendly food and slightly homoerotic tanning sessions. Check it out.

    Find yourself a Kickass Chalet/Temporary Bachelor Pad on Airbnb

    Image courtesy of
    El Gouna Real Estate

    While hotels do have affordable rates in Gouna, if you’re a group, renting a villa on Airbnb can end up being cheaper and much more fun with your own private pool, a BBQ grill and your own rooms so no one has to draw straws on who has to sleep on the couch.

    Get Your Adrenaline Pumped at Sliders Cable Park

    adrenalineImage courtesy of Sliders Cable Park

    Fancy yourself as a watersports junkie? Gouna is the perfect place to release your city-induced pent-up adrenaline with your the homies: our favourite has to be Sliders Cable Park in West Gouna, where for 450LE a day, you can practice getting as close to flying off your face as possible and waterboarding to your hearts’ delight. Not your thing? Gouna’s also got kitesurfing school KitePower on Mangroovy Beach, or you can head over to the Clubhouse in Downtown for some stand-up paddle boarding (100LE an hour last time we checked) topped up by a cold beer and some excellent music.

    Eat Meat

    meatImage courtesy of Le Garage on Facebook

    We like our food easy on the taste buds and heavy on the meat. Enter Le Garage, which consistently delivers our idea of the perfect burger: big, juicy and full of awesome ingredients like forest mushroom or avocado- our favourite is the Big One (around 150LE), if only because asking the staff to give you the big one is hilarious, in that immature bro kind of way.

    Channel your Need for Speed

    go-kartsPhoto courtesy of El Gouna

    One of our all-time favourite things to do is go neck to neck at El Gouna Go Karts; a go-karting race track between Downtown Gouna and Abu Tig Marina that is open till 11PM and is guaranteed to get your blood pumping as you try to annihilate the competition (sorry, bros). Call them on ext. 32188 from a Gouna landline to reserve.

    Cool off at the Ultimate Man Cave

    man-caveImage courtesy of Rush Sports Lounge

    Rush Sports Lounge is every grown man’s dream: the sports bar has draft beer, fussball and billiards, TVs screens showing the latest matches, and a couch with your very own TV and gaming consoles to take over, just you and your friends. Honestly, we could spend the whole night listening to the great music (thanks to its owner, DJ Safi), munching on popcorn and downing cold one after cold one while we play very mature games.

    Work off your Hangover at LAX


    One good way to work off last night’s shenanigans? LAX GYM is the most awesome gym you’ll ever see in Egypt, filled with good looking people and complete with all the bars, straps, ropes and weights that you’ll need to sweat out your toxins and compare biceps with your bros. Their classes are also killers: try not to cry when Svetlana teaches you TaeBo or Daniella destroys your muscles with her total body workout. A class pass or day use of the gym costs 100LE.

    By Broseph Gouna-Levitt