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  • The Break Up Theory

    Spring = breakup

    Spring = breakup

    i am not sure what is it about the months of March & April every year, but dont you realize that the amount of fights and break ups and divorces that take place is just a lot higher, i know of already over 10 people that broken up , and everytime i sit down with a different group of people i even hear about more.

    The Fishie theory is simple and easy… Relationship changes with seasons.

    Spring (March- May): is break up seasons because at that time the sun starts coming up, people start yearning for the summer, then they start thinking of the what if possibilities of summer flings, and hence the unconsciously start fighting and breaking up !!!

    Summer(June- August) : the month of flings, and sexual encounters and gone wild…. the sun is up people are skinnier because well in general the sun makes you loose your water weight, and well the sun does affect your hormones

    Autumn (September-November): the month where things start to be gloomy, people start needing people and realizing that they want more than just the flings they want to cuddle with someone if it rains, go to movies, and all that

    Winter (December – Feburary) : the month of relationships, with everything being so cold out there, one starts is like okay its time to shack up and cuddle up and become warm

    of course the fishie theory is just a theory, after all you do have relationships that lasts longer than a year and goes through all of these stages, i think the true test of the relationship is how many cycles can it go through these temptations … what do you think is fishie being just plain old crazy or does fishie break up theory have some merit behind it