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  • The Best Viral Videos of the 2014 World Cup


    The 2014 World Cup came to a close almost a week ago, but it seems like just yesterday that Germany spanked Brazil on their own turf and Luis Suarez was tucking into a nice Italian lunch.

    With the start of the football season in Europe still a good few weeks away, you better believe that we’re going to be milking the biggest competition in international football for all it’s worth. 

    This year’s tournament is being hailed as one of the best in a while, but off of the pitch, things have been just as entertaining. Here are some of our favourite viral videos. Thank god for talented people with too much time on their hands.

    -Ah, the forgotten art of flip-book animation! Despite bringing on flashbacks of my largely uneventful childhood, this is really is a phenomenal, if ever so slightly inane, piece of work.

    -If you ever doubted how seriously football is taken in South America, Argentina coach, Alejandro Sabella, shows exactly why during his team’s quarter-final win against Belgium.

    -I consider myself an educated, sophisticated human being, but there’s just something that gets me about a naked fella being tackled to the ground at one of the world’s biggest sporting events. 
    Reminds me of my days at boarding school.

    -I promise you – my sense of humour is really is much more sophisticated than this, but I’m personally responsible for about 50% of this video’s views. This linesman is one cool cat.

    -Speaking of a classic, one hero of a human being had the foresight to put Luis Suarez in one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time.

    -Finally, someone explains the extent of Germany’s rout over Brazil in a language I can understand – beer beats a cocktail any day of the week.

    -And here’s one upset Argentina fan responding to his nation’s loss to winners, Germany, in the final. Never underestimate the power of urinating on camera.