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  • The Awadi Brothers Essentials

    two brothers, two duo DJs ! we love ! we heart !

    Aly El Awadi
    A born music aficionado, DJ Aly El Awadi’s interest in the funky house music genre developed after a visit to Ibiza in 2003. Since then his musical spins have taken on a unique upbeat character for which he has become recognized and renowned.

    Sherif El Awadi (Shaggy)
    Exhibiting a passion for music from an early age, Sherif El Awadi gained the inspiration to develop his talent for mixing musical tracks through the work of his older brother, renowned Egyptian house music DJ Ali El Awadi. By 2007, Sherif had honed his skills enough to perform professionally in various locations, with a variety of different people


    Ali El Awadi Essentials

    1-Glasses : eye glasses can’t drive without them , sun glasses essential as long as the sun is up
    2-Key Chain : has all my the keys essential to live and drive
    3-Phone : essential for all kind of communication
    4-Ipad : all my work and all my fun and entertainment are on my iPad
    5-Kite : Kites is always present with me in the car as along as I’m driving to any coast, wind can blow at anytime
    6-Tracktor : since i discovered the tractor x1 controller can’t move without it
    7-Trx : Always keep you in good shape an great fitness


    Sherif El Awadi Essentials

    1- IPAD: My favorite gadget has been the iPad3. definitely a game changer
    2 -Kiteboarding: It gives you the best feeling in the world when you can move on the water and when you land that first jump.
    3 -Football: “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that”.
    4- Mixmeister: Best DJ software, because it makes it easier and quicker to record sets and demos
    5- My Bike: Can’t go a day without riding my bike, whether it be a five minute ride or a long ride across the island.
    6- Asics: they are the best running shoe out there!!
    7- alka seltzer: best cure for hangover.. its magic