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  • The 25th Honesty Theatre

    before i start my post i want to do a shout out … to Agency 53, in particular Mostafa Emad, for creating this “doodle” using the CairoGossip logo, for the anniversary of the 25th of jan! i love the creativity, i love the way they flipped the s to make 25 … chapeau you can find the Agency 53 Facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/groups/231215453623585/

    now on today’s post… today is one of the few days of the year, that i am not writing as the character i assumed Fishie, or as the other characters we at CG assume!  i am writing as the actual human being behind this keyboard, with all honesty. A lot of people assume that i am an airhead, and lets face it FISHIE is, the character is created to be an airhead, a reflection of our scene! The reality of it, i am a bit completely different than Fishie

    Who here watches grey anatomy ?

    Season 8 Episode 11, it starts by saying how life is a theatre, how everything is orchestrated,  how they plan ahead for the surgery to get the results, then at the end you hope to get the right results.

    Well watching the egyptian parliament first session which was the only one i watched made me feel like that… even though the first session of the parliament was a bit more like planet of the apes, with the keyword being LAW SAMA7TOM, but in my own personal opinion it was orchestrated, i mean didn’t we all know that Katateny was going to be head of the parliament, didn’t we all know before election that the muslim brother hood are taking over. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against the MB!

    But when Katateny gave his speech of acceptance i was  like … hmmmm this sounds interesting two days before the 25th of january, he says i would like to thank the military for its continuos effort ! i am like hold up! pause … say what!!! isn’t nov 19, and everything that followed is in protest of the military, or is it that the military and the MB planned together this theatre, to calm the people, where military would make the MB gain seats, while they try to restore calm and praising the military ?

    tayeb lets go a step back how bad could the muslim brother be ? i mean for me other than them being in bed with the military, do you think the MB would stop alcohol from the country, ban clubs and become like saudi ? i don’t think so the whole country will revolt on them because lets face it, not only the higher class drink and the world doesn’t revolve around amici, labodega and tamarai…. if you go down town .. there is more bars than you can imagine … just check http://www.baladibar.com/ and see how many bars are downtown , the map has listed on it only 50 in the downtown tahrir area! so i highly doubt in my own personal opinion they would do that and make us go all islamic.

    Actually i am going with a wait and see philosophy with the MB, because i believe these people have a lot of cash, and not to mention the money that is coming from qatar, saudi, and turkey into this country to the MB, so they will bring in a lot of investments, and maybe these investments would be in the form of like qatar, or dubai , where you do actually find bars in hotels (which is the most important thing for us as a scene apparently!) and well in five years if they fail to deliver, well there is another election coming up!

    If i a little small person with a fake character of fishie sometimes can brainwash the masses and i do sometimes (sorry i said today i will be honest) about saying a place is amazing tonight or something part of a PR campaign for a friend of mine or something… all what i am doing is building the hype up for the theatre, because at the end of the day, there are two parts of the show, there is the expectations then there is the actual show, when you enter a show you won’t enjoy it if you expect it to be shit, and but you will love it if you go in with a positive attitude, and in a way another on the scene, thats what fishie does… it sets the expectations:)