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    EVERY YEAR … there is one party that is known and expected and looked for and is the most coveted party of the year, like for example when byGanz brought Sophie Ellis Bextor, and Music Hall…

    So the 2012 party is being planned, and the planners are bringing in a superstar like no other, but  as the party is still a month and half or two from today nothing is being released except rumors… then after all isn’t a great party takes month to organize, and from what i understand this party has been in the works since january.

    so who is this superstar that they are bringing … well … lets just say she could “trick” you with her “Acapella” and make you “Scream

    already in this post a lot have been said, and by a lot, i mean a lot !!! can you figure out the riddle and tell me what the date, location, the organizers, and the artist coming ?

    oh p.s. this party is going to be extremely extremely exclusive! like SUPER UBER VVIP EXCLUSIVE AND YET UBER FUN AND HOT ! THINK AS EXCLUSIVE AS ALL DUNHILL EVENTS, … did i say DUNHILL…ooops ;)

    and oh did i mention that the night is going to be designed and styled by one of the egyptian renowned interior designers… can you guess who … ;) ?