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  • Thank you to Electrum


    On Janauary 10th Electrum record wrote on their facebook a beautiful well written letter, in which it talked about diversity in the music industry, specially within Egypt.

    Here is the thing. They delivered on that. Yesterday as I went the Smooth Generation Launch Event, organised by Electrum, i found this diversity they spoke about.

    I will not talk about the perfect guest list, where i felt i am in re-union party where everyone who was everyone was there. I will not talk about the little attention to details like for example having a whilte/dark chocolate fountain. Or having a hot make up artist booth at the entrance, of a name we all know “Soraya Shawky”. Giving you a feeling that you have arrived home.

    No, I will talk about the music diversity! other than being greeted by the hot tunes of Fahmy&Samba, then ending it with Baher & Aroussi. There was a live performance  Soopar Lox band. I am sucker for live music. Then there was… and this the mind blowing part, sorry i mean ART.  A live dance performance. No it wasnt your typical gogo dancers, or naked people. This was people who are normal. Well above normal because they can create ART.  This band created music using nothing their bodies. Hands. Feet . and SOUL!!

    For that i thank electrum for bringing such originality and a breath of fresh air. For showing that music is not only about a Disc Jockey spinning, that music also is CREATED. Whether by instruments like what SupaarLUX did or people using their body to create vibrations that our hears translate as music.

    Below is the letter that electrum records posted on their facebook page

    There’s a lovely saying that says celebrate diversity, and I can’t think of a more banal way of introducing the subject of this article, paragraph, post, the squigglies of a turbulent mind. Nothing here should send us off in a ferocious debate lasting for days, which of course depends on the mood of our diversely opinionated minds, but this is an invitation to think and project those thoughts ontoreality, nothing more nothing less. 
    There’s a growing culture of actual freedom in our little microcosmic niche of society, partially because there’s a perception by this same niche that society’s becoming more ‘conservative’ and so the reaction to that is an equal and opposite reaction of emancipation and a ‘live and let live’ mentality. I say perception because it’s not actually true on a social level. Nevertheless, what’s endearing and hopeful about this phenomenon is that you go out now and you don’t find people fighting in parties anymore, men aren’t eying a woman dancing alone on the dancefloor like a pack of hungry pumas, there’s a growing respect of everyone’s diversity and so on and so forth. Also available in this new freedom market is a proliferation of tastes and musical ears, or at least it’s more apparent now. A few years ago so many artists circulating in the Facebookian realm were unheard of and would even cause a slight indigestion to some because other ubercommercial artists were all you heard in an outing. So thank god for that and it’s positively engaging to have people with independent minds diffusing all of this plurality in our collective psyche. I’d like to specially dedicate this ‘proliferation’ of mentalities to Nacelle because when they brought Parov Stellar to Cairo and subsequently created a place for people to listen to what was uncommon at the time, they made it interesting for most people to join this novelty and thus created a market for music when there was none…first with Nu-Disco and then with Deep house.Narrowing the focus on music matters, I think there’s still something that is lacking in the ‘scene’ (as much as this word means nothing at the moment) and that’s, yeah you’ve guessed it, diversity. We know that deep house is till alive and kicking, but what will happen when the ‘trend’ dies out? Who’s going to pick up the pieces and come up with new trends (emphasis on the plural here please)? Will those repairmen create a new singular trend for everyone to be immersed in again? Or will this newly found social plurality create a market for promoters to engage us in diverse genres? I’m thinking of parties like Wake n Bake by Discord Music Magazine and B-Side because they’re two sorts of events that play something other than what’s widely heard right now, I’m not naming the subject here because the word is getting too heavy to pronounce, and yes ‘heavy’ is a euphemism for deep. There’s also the production side of this diversity at play; it’s nice to see bands and artists like Soopar Lox, Vent, Quit Together, ZULI, Wet Robots and NeoByrd to name but a few, and it would be pleasing to see people go out to see events that aren’t just based on “that deep feeling that you get” when you the music hits you- not that I don’t adore it by the way.

    And on that note, hopefully this article didn’t arouse derision or mockery from sceptical or ‘too realistic to dare’ mind sets, and this is not a self righteous piece of ranting insinuating that anyone knows better than anyone here, no no “absolotely” as el Limby would say. As stated before, all that’s being aimed at here is a call to provoke, to force us to think that maybe one day, hopefully, it won’t be uncommon for people to get excited about a mini break beat festival or an alternative rock night for instance or even a dubstep event (even though I dislike the genre). 

    Falling into this discussion of music, events, and the diversity of the scene and to end on a congratulatory tone, I’d like everybody to give a warm mental and musical embrace to ZULI, WetRobots and Quit Together who are currently touring Switzerland playing music that you’ll hear on labels like Brainfeeder. 

    Stay tuned to the lovin music beautiful people