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  • Ten Ways to Help You Survive Ramadan


    Ramadan in Cairo is a bit over a double-edged sword. Yes, even Cairo Gossip can’t help but get into the spirit of the Holy Month, but it’s also a baron time that forces one too look inwards. For me, that makes for horrendous viewing, which in turn leaves us with little to do but clock watch and twiddle our thumbs. But with ten easy steps, you can make it out the other end in one piece.

    1. Don’t go to work. Obviously.

    2. Fulfill that lifelong dream and have a pool installed at home.

    3. Embark on a month-long TV series binge. Avoid Game of Thrones, though. Too many boobies.


    4. Don’t go on Cairo Zoom. Also too many boobies.

    5. Crush those beer cravings with Birell. Beggars can’t be choosers, dawg.


    6. Play Monopoly Deal! Everyone loves Monopoly Deal! Why does everyone love Monopoly Deal?


    7. Unfollow Fifi Abdou on instagram. She’s just too much.

    9. Take up some light exercise.


    10. Ignore all the bullcrap telling you how to stay healthy during Ramadan. Eat whatever and how much ever you want.


     Happy Ramadan! Stay strong.