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  • Ten Reasons Sandboarding is Better Than Snowboarding


    This weekend, something magical is happening somewhere in the middle of an Egyptian desert. That thing is Rush and that somewhere is the stunning Magic Lake Fayoum – thanks to Dune Raider Sandboarding.

    As the first sporting event in Egypt – and the Middle East – of its kind, Rush is set to welcome droves of city-dwellers for three days of eco-fun, with all manner of outdoor activity on offer – think rock-climbing, horseback riding, fishing and more.

    But this been a Dune Raider event, sandboarding is the headline activity, with the festival also set to host the very first Dune Rider World Tour event. It’s been one hell of a ride for Dune Raider founder, Kareem Hossam, who can be credited with bringing the sport of sandboarding in Egypt. In fact, ovet the last few years, Dune Raider has proven that sandboarding is better than its big sister, snowboarding – and here’s why.

    Sandboarding gives you a great workout.
    No ski lifts, here guys – now pump those thighs up that dune!

    It doesn’t hurt when you fall.

    Sand is your friend, snow is not.

    It’s not as expensive.

    You don’t need expensive ski gloves, pants, jackets or goggles – just a can-do attitude.

    Some believe that the first to sandboard were Ancient Egyptians.
    We were made for sandboarding, clearly

    Siwa is universally thought of as one of the best sandboarding destinations in the world.
    It’s just kind of nice to be/have the world’s best something.

    You can catch a sweet tan.
    It’s better than catching a cold.

    Your sandboarding adventure is but a couple of hours’ journey away.
    Dune Raider regularly organises and makes trips to Egypt’s most prestine desert landscapes.

    Sandboarding feels closer to surfing than it does to snowboarding.
    Which is weird, because snow and ice is, *drumroll*, water…

    -Sandboarding is eco-friendly.

    Snowboarding is, largely, not.


    Would you do some leisurely  horseback riding in the snow? Can you to cook-up a yummy barbeque? Do yoga? No. You can at Rush though.

    Click here for more information on Rush and Dune Raider Sandboarding.