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  • Ten Questions for Radio Hits’ Bassem Kameel


    Radio personality, TV host and all-round charming chap, Bassem Kameel, is slowly becoming one of the most popular voices and faces on Egyptian TV and radio. As the host of Radio Hits’ daily show, Shuffle Hits, Kameel made his TV breakthrough in Ramadan 2014 on Mesaa2 El Kheir Ya Ramadan.

    We sat down with him to talk about divas, hair, mutual friends and more.

    1. Has anything weird ever happened to you on air?

    Actually, yes – a girl proposed to me on TV and wouldn’t hang up the phone until I said “I do.” I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do until the control room cut the call. I didn’t realise it until I re-watched the episode, but my face actually turned red!

    2. You and one of your co-hosts from Mesaa2 El Kheir Ya Ramadan, Sally Abdel Sallam, seem like you get on pretty well – are you guys friends behind the scenes?

    Sally is like my little sister! Actually, a lot of people ask me if I think she’s hot – I’ve seen Sally with no make-up on, so….

    3. Speaking of hot, that’s an interesting head of hair you’ve got there.

    Yeah, my hair is awesome.

    4. Cool, let’s move on. Do you have an on-air nickname?

    I guess its ‘Beeso’ – everyone calls me that anyway. But if I had to choose one, I’d go for King B – Beyonce stole it from me!

    5. What. A. Bitch. I guess you’re not much of fan, then?

    I’ll tell you who I am a fan of when it comes to divas – Christina Aguilera. She’s the diva-est diva of them all – I just love her!

    6. Hmm, ‘diva-est’ isn’t a real word, but I’ll let it pass. Speaking of divas, though, you work with a very good friend and former Media Republic colleague of ours at Radio Hits, Radwa El Attar – any gossip you want to spill on her?

    She’s a sweetheart! We get each other perfectly. She’s a Gemini like me, so we understand each other without even talking. We understand each others’ mood swings and respect that and one of us is always there for the other when one of us is down. She is the best co-host I’ve worked with up until now.

    7. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like Radwa at all. What about gossip on guests? Any particularly difficult ones?

     I can’t say names! You don’t want to get me in trouble now, do you? I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to host some genuinely interesting people. But there are a lot of big egos out there...

    8. Are you as cheerful in real life as you are on radio?

    It’s funny that you say that – some people get genuinely irritated from the bubbly attitude I have on air – if only you could see the SMSs I get from people cursing me out. But I swear it’s me, I’m not fake – please love me! See, now I’ve made you irritated!

    9. Yeah, I won’t lie – I’m quite irritated right now, so let’s wrap this up soon. Umm, tell us a joke.

    Oh god, I suck at telling jokes! I’ve never considered myself a ‘funny’ person at all. I was once asked to MC a stand-up comedy show – but I’m the un-funniest person you’ll ever meet.

    10. In that case, let me ask you the only serious question I have for you; what’s your proudest moment?

    The first time I was on TV on CBC – I was like, “yeah baby!” Also the times when I interviewed Peter Andre, Cairokee,and Ahmed Malek. I was stopped by a group of people to take pictures with me in Club M recently, which was pretty cool, I have to admit.

    You can catch Bassem on Radio Hits 88.2 everyday; on El Za7ma A7la between 4Pm and 5PM and on Shuffle Hits between 9PM and 10PM.