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  • Tash Me up

    two fabolous ladies, two fabolous moms, two fabolous designers… a sister act none the less, sister that look so much like each other two. Well Fishie has gotten a chance to interview them regarding their TASH JEWELRY business that has been soaring to new heights

     P.S. you can order them online on http://styletreasure.com/

    When and why did you decide to get into jewelry design ?

    We started our jewelry design last year with our signature “enta Omri” bracelet, it was a great success and we decided to take it from there. Both my sister and me had a passion for fashion and jewelry, so we just gave it a shot and the outcome was a success!

    Why did you choose TASH as the brand?

    TASH, is the names of both our daughters, Tayah and Sasha.

    Who does the designs more, you (Tina) or your sister (Celine)?

    We complete each other in tasks and designs, I mean one can start an idea and the other finishes it, we brain storm together, and sometimes Celine designs more, and sometimes I do more, so there’s no specific equation really.

    How do you get most of your sales done, via FB, or shops or exhibitions?

    Most of our sales are from shops and exhibition, that is because people love to see and feel the product, and off course http://styletreasure.com/  online shopping site is one of our main selling channel.

    What is the favorite item you designed that you feel close too.

    We both feel very attached to our first collection, not a specific item because we feel it was our starting point, and where it all began.

    What else are you involved in other than TASH Jewelry?

    We are both focusing on Tash right now, because we want to expand in other countries.

    What is your favorite jewelry brand

    Tina: Bonja,

    Celine: Damas

    Being a full-time mom, and a working mom is hard to balance. how do you it? and how do you look so fabulous at night with all that !!

    We work our own hours, and as I said we split tasks, and workout our schedule so we don’t take from the time we need to spend with our kids. Looking good after a long day is all about working out, eating well and always having a positive attitude.

    Do you do any shopping in egypt, if so what stores you like to go to ?

    We do,

    Tina likes to shop at Ego, Soho, Ghazl el banat, Zara, and online shopping off course.

    Celine likes to shop at city stars because it has all the brands.

    Who is your favorite Egyptian local designer?

    Tina likes Dina Said Nanas closet, but haven’t had the chance to purchase something yet, and off course Hisham aboul Ela who designs all my soiree outfits.

    Celine likes Amina K.

    Other than Tamarai, where is your favorite hang out?

    Tina: I like Apperitivo if am going somewhere other than Tamarai.

    Whats your favorite night in Tamarai (Swag, Nostalgia or regular Fridays)

    Tina: I Love the regular Fridays, but starting to adore SWAG nights!!

    If you have to describe yourself in 5 separate words what would they be ?

    Tina: Picky, hyper, emotional, stubborn, protective.

    Celine: Creative, emotional, persistent, loyal, supportive.

    For the upcoming parliament elections, do you know who you are going to vote for yet? who do you recommend that we keep our eye out for ?

    For the parliament elections I choose el Masreyeen el 2a7rar, because the people who have always been called a minority in this country need to finally speak up and have a say in this government.