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    So after WE, yes WE failed misreably to bring Morsi down through protests, a new intitative has been launched and has gaining momentum, its called Al


    It simply  means rebelling, but in a peaceful way, all you do is sign form that says you of national ID XYZ withdraw your confidence in the current president and call for an early election Click here for form

    and well some accused the movement as trivial but in ten days of it started it got over 2 Million votes and has been provoking the Muslim Brother like hell, their reactions to calling that people who sign it should not be even holding egyptian nationality  to calling the guy behind the movement a Zionist, to the guy himself being detained briefly

     now just recently reported Alaa Al Aswany also called for everyone to join in the movement http://www.almasryalyoum.com/node/1739346