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  • Taking Breaks in Tahrir & Eti7adia

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    EVERYONE should take the streets today! every square should be filled, but with that in mind, sometimes it might be a good idea to take a 30min-60 minute break to recharge,

    Maybe grab an ICE cold beer in the heat, or  grab a quick lunch! so here is a little guide on what is recommended in both major areas in  Cairo taking a break to recharge and go back to the protests

    1. Tahrir:

    We recommend Bistro for Food & Drinks, its a nice greek bodega in Hoda Sha3rawy street, We also recommend Horreya just for beers behind AUC’s old greek campus and finally Estoril in Talaat harb for Mezza and cold beer, opposite to filfella

    2. Eti7adia:

    for eti7adia we recommend to either go La’ubergine, which is next to Tivoli, or to go to SWISS resturant in Korba

    for detailed map on baladi bars check the below images, maps powered by BaladiBar.com