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  • Taimour Hosni’s 7 Essentials


    in essence Taimour Hosni is the guardian of Cairo Jazz Club, you go there every day and you see the giant making sure you are having safe fun!  with cairo jazz club being a club that we frequent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We couldnt find anyone more essential than Taimour to do his essentials! without further introduction here are Taimour’s 7 essentials


    1. The Jaegermeister watch: It reminds me when it’s time to take the next Jaegermeister shot!!! Thank you Sophie for the best birthday present ever!!!

    2. Red Beats CD cover: ingredients are strictly censored.

    3. My Blackberry: It’s going to be my first and hopefully last Blackberry, I can’t stand all the noise it’s doing and disturbing my life “Pling”, “Plung”, “Plang” and finally “Titi Tin Tan”.

    4. The CJC Cigarette cover: I found it during the so called “CJC office cleansing day”, hopefully we’ll have more to give out soon!!

    5. The Playbook: My Boss gave it to me for Christmas with the words: “I’d actually love seeing the faces of the girls you hump when they discover the book beside your bed!!”

    6. The Sunglasses: A must have if you’re a vampire like myself and specially after an after party at some friends flat in Heliopolis.

    7. The Laptop: no comment!!!