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  • Sylvester Stallone is to Visit Egypt This Month and the World is All Sunshine and Rainbows


    “Rocky Balboa” star, Sylvester Stallone, is scheduled to visit Egypt with his family this month, according to Tourism Ministry Advisor Walid El-Batouti. The Hollywood actor’s private trip is being prepared by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. 

    This year, we’ve seen a fair number of international celebrities of all sorts visit the country; in February, Barcelona star footballer Lionel Messi launched the “Tour and Cure” campaign for treatment of Hepatitis C, followed by a personal visit by Hollywood actor Will Smith in March, while April saw Pope Francis foster interfaith peace during a two-day visit to Cairo. 


    According to El-Batouti, Will Smith’s trip had a great impact on local tourism, with “a large number of international tourism companies contacting the ministry [of tourism] to coordinate large tourist delegations to Egypt.”

    “The Tourism Ministry has an undeclared plan to attract a large number of international stars in various fields to support Egyptian tourism,” says El-Batouti. “The coming period will witness visits by A-list international stars. However, their names will not be revealed because we do not want to invade their privacy.” 


    Is this to be a monthly occurrence? Who can we expect to turn up next? Oh, the possibilities! 


    By Salma Anderson