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  • Surprise Her With This DIY PMS Survival Kit


    That time of the month ain’t easy. Women are true champs for going through it all, and the least you could do is be there throughout this bumpy, emotional rollercoaster. How? Show some appreciation and shower her with an extra dose of love.

    Remember how Ashton Kutcher surprised Nathalie Portman with a period playlist? We’re talking that level of cuteness (and effort). And what’s better than a PMS survival kit? That would definitely make a perfect surprise! So, what to include in your care package? Read along.

    Chocolate.. Lots of chocolate..


    Dopamine is a menstruating woman’s best friend. Forget about those nasty pimples, all what we really want is to eat our emotions away.

    Ice cream


    Speaking of which, ice cream bucket, anyone? What a better way to ???? Netflix and chill and dig into a loaded bucket of Häagen-Dazs?



    Guess this one goes without saying.

    Heating pad


    Speaking of pain, heat is essential to soothe that.

    Bubble bars/bombs


    And what’s even better than a heating pad is a warm bubble bath. Get her some bubble bars or bombs for the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of her own home. 

    Moisturiser/body butter


    Because of hormonal fluctuation, skin tends to be super sensitive and is prone to breakage. That’s why moisturisers are a great idea.

    Herbal tea


    Great for tummy tension, bloating, and stress, herbal tea is your go-to. Chamomile should be your ultimate choice. 



    Comfort comes first and a pillow would make her happier than ever.


    What else comes to your mind for a care package? Let us know in the comments.


    By Nadine Arab