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  • Surf Sahel !

    Surf Shop Sahel!

    Surf Shop Sahel!


    Surf Shop is setting up shop in …. HACEIENDA SAHEL, not to be confused with HACIENDA RAS SUDR !! which means all you surfers, which there is a lot of can actually start enjoying their services, and all you interested in getting in on the sport, well guess what you can by just taking some of their surf lessons (Click here) to get to their facebook page

    While speaking of Surfing and all that KING OF THE LAGOON IS TAKING PLACE THIS WEEKEND IN RAS SUDR !! IN ITS 4TH RENDITION !!! now to all kite surfers, and all fanatatics of the water, this is a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG EVENT ! That would be taking place in Soul KiteSurfing center, in RAS SUDR  Hacienda Hotal (not sahel) click here for Soul KiteSurfing facebook

    maybe the should call it president of the lagoon ? just a thought