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  • Sunbeats: Luxury Easter Cruise in Luxor & Aswan


    If like me, you habitually leave making Easter plans to a mad last-minute scramble, it might be because of the increasing sameness, if you will, of the options.

    If you want to break the hectic city routine, but are looking for an alternative to Sahel, Sokhna or Sinai, Sunbeats could be the answer.

    Taking place 17th-21st April,  the trip combines sightseeing across Luxor and Aswan's most beautiful and historic locations and partying on lavish cruise boat, Le Fayan - a vessel of luxury that boasts a deck pool, a Jacuzzi and a gym among other facilities.

    The five-day-four-night program will include three parties - two night parties and one day party - and will set you back a very reasonable 2,450LE. The package includes three meals a day, unlimited soft drinks, free bouchon and transportation from Luxor Airport to the boat - all you need to do is get yourself down there (the organisers recommend travel agency, Etapes Nouvelles Voayages)

    I would go, but drinking and sailing are a bad combination for me. If that isn't the case for you, call 01222421111.