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  • Sun, Sea & Protests: Mass Demonstrations Planned in Sahel


    So you’ve obviously heard Egypt’s own Chuck Norris, aka General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sissi, pleading for the masses to rally behind him in his quest to fight the threat that many MB supporters have posed over the last few weeks, and essentially rid  Cairo of remnants of the old regime – yes, Ikhwan are felool too, now.

    But it’s also the summer and Ramadan – did we mention it was summer? Summer means beach, and beach means Sahel. Now here’s the lowdown on what has become a very sticky situation; beach-goers have devised a clever strategy to keep up with Sissi and show support, without having to skip on tanning time.

    In an unprecedented move, Egypt’s Sahel-bound sun worshipers will hold mass demonstrations on Friday the 5th of August. Maseerat from Marassi, Diplo and Marina will converge and head up to Haceinda to protest vociferously.

    If you are planning on going to Sahel, then get your Vilebrequin swimsuits and designer sunglasses ready and make sure your hair is as beach-tousled as possible, for now is the time to show your country the support she truly deserves.

    Ta7ya Sahel.