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  • Stuff Your Suitcase This Long Weekend with These Ace Packing Tips


    Easter break is finally here (in T minus 3 hours!!) and it’s time to hit the beach. Get away from Cairo’s super rare thunderstorms and soak up some sun. 
    Only downside to the holiday is that packing can be such a drag… ‘Which bikini/shorts to take? How many pairs of flipflops do I need? Where on earth did I put the sunscreen?…..’ 
    And it’s even more hectic when you realise it all doesn’t fit in the suitcase! 
    No worries. With these simple packing tips, you’ll be able to pack so many outfits for your long weekend, you won’t wear half of them. 


    Don’t fold your clothes; roll them! 

    Tightly rolled clothes take up way less space than folded ones. Plus, they’re less likely to get wrinkled from fold creases. 
    This trick is used by travel experts and backpackers that need to fit months’ worth of stuff into one little bag. 

    You can also try this in your wardrobe to make room for the new holiday clothes you just splurged on…. 


    Coordinate your clothes

    To maximize your options, choose neutral colours and simple pieces when packing. A pair of comfy jeans, a white t-shirt and a cardigan can make up an outfit together, or be added to other outfits! Layers are great for looking put-together while expending minimal effort. 


    Pack something warm

    Sure, you’re going to the beach and it’s going to be blazing. During the day….. At night it gets windy, and you’re going to wish you’d brought along a hoodie. Also, some hotels and restaurants over-do it with the A/C. Spend your holiday covered in a tan, not goosebumps! 


    Stuff your socks inside your shoes

    Think of all the negative space being taken up by all those shoes you’re packing. Fit as much as possible in your bag by filling that negative space with anything from socks, to lotions & sunscreens, to rolled up t-shirts. 


    Pack plastic bags

    Future you will be thankful for this when you need somewhere to put your wet towels and sand-filled shoes after hitting the beach. 
    Pack your shoes inside the bags to keep your clothes and other items clean and simultaneously save the space they would have taken if bunched up. 


    Take general medicines

    Avoid overpriced resort pharmacies and bring along your own Ibuprofen, aspirin, antacid  and something for an upset colon (just in case that cafe wasn’t so great after all). You never know when you might need it! 


    Hide your money in emptied-out product containers

    Don’t be naïve and leave your money in your beach bag, or think just because your wallet is hidden under your towel it’s safe. 
    Roll up bills and stash them in empty lipstick/chap-stick tubes, or in a finished deodorant stick. 


    Tape liquids and lotions shut! 

    The last thing you need is to arrive and find your shampoo has leaked all over your stuff. Storing spillables in a plastic bag is not enough; sellotape bottles shut so there’s zero chance of leakage. And don’t forget to bring the sellotape with you for when it’s time to head home– you’ll have enough laundry waiting already.  


    Try to leave a wee bit of empty space

    We know you want to bring along all your favourite things, but hear us out: where are you going to put any souvenirs you may buy while on vacay, if your bag was already full when you got there?


    Resist last-minute urges to pack extra things

    You will 90% not end up using that t-shirt/bag/bracelet you threw in at the last minute. If it was important or useful, you would have packed it before. No need to bulk up your case with something that will remain in there the whole trip! 


    With these ace tips, you’ll pack like a pro! 

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk