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  • ‘Spinster’ Billboard in Cairo Faces Social Media Backlash


    Several days ago, a billboard appeared on 6th of October bridge in Cairo, showing a photo of an ashamed woman under the large words ‘Are you a Spinster?!’ followed by ‘tell us your opinion at Facebook: sunny.eg.’

    Apparently, the billboard was a teaser for some campaign for women, but social media reaction has been instant and brutal, with readers – both women and men – criticising the backward term ‘spinster’ and its negative impact on thousands of commuters who see the billboard everyday.

    When the agency behind this billboard posted it on their Facebook wall and asked users to stay tuned, we don’t think they expected such negative reactions.

    ‘You do realise that aside from the campaign content, this billboard would have a negative impact on a ‘small amount’ of people, right?’ wrote one user. ‘Which would be the total opposite of what you had in mind.’

    ‘Choose positive words, why on earth would you hurt someone just to attract the audience? This is [an] absolutely inappropriate billboard regardless of the content of the campaign.’

    While the agency has been replying to all comments, promising that everyone will thank them later and that the campaign will help women once it’s revealed, its post continues to get backlash with over 100 shares, almost 200 comments and 1500 interactions. We’re going to wait and see before passing judgement, but we have a feeling no pro-women campaign should piss off so many women.

    By Samar El Shams