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  • Sodic on FIRE? or a Mess?

    Disclaimer: SODIC, is like the scene’s darling, we all have a relationship to it, either we work there or we bought there or we have friends who own’s something there, after all the  “dream sales team” made it a huge success… so when something goes down its only natural that as cairogossip i report … and to all my sodic friends i love you and dont hate me for this :)

    so not only SODIC HQ caught a minor fire based on “human error” and got evacuated and all employee left early, but today was the MESS of a launch of Phase 5 of Allegria,  were clients where treated with dismissal attitude, and being forced into lottery and price war regarding the newly launched units, where it didnt go as first come first serve as it was advertisie, but units where sold on the basis on who do you know and how much you afford.

    to my sodic friends, i love you and please understand when i am writing a critical article like this, this isnt to shame you, but to point what complaints people have been telling us, and for you to take this opportunity to treat the customers like actual loyal clients and not put them in a position where they have complain and feel under-rated, after all, SODIC you are part of our community.