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  • So you kidnapped our Soliders? What next


    The news that “The three policemen and four soldiers were captured while travelling in minibuses in northern Sinai, east of the city of El Arish.”  broke 3 days ago.

    The next day, which was yesterday I kid you not I read on the news, that Morsi was negotiating the return of the soliders using Muslim Brother hood channels. The day after I read a statement saying Morsi says both the lives of the kidnappers and kidnappees are important. Then i read that Sisi, will not be soft and doesnt agree with Morsi’s strategy, Then today a statement came up from the presidential office saying that no one has been assigned to negotiate with the kidnappers, that the Army, Presidency & Interior Ministry are one hand. *Side note: BULL FUCKING CRAP.

    As sources in Masry Al Ayoum have said that a conversation between Army officials during a negitation saying, Either Morsi steps in and be a president  that he is suppose to be or either he leaves

    وأكدت المصادر، نقلاً عن أحد الذين حضروا الاجتماع، أن ممثل القوات المسلحة انفعل بشدة قائلاً: «يا مرسي يبقى رئيس بجد يا يقدم استقالته، ولو هو مش قادر يتحمل المسؤولية يمشي وييجى غيره»، مما أثار غضب ممثلى حزب الحرية والعدالة، الذين حضروا الاجتماع، وردوا عليه قائلين «اتكلم بأدب عن رئيس الجمهورية، عيب تقول الكلام ده»، فرد ممثل الجيش «العيب هو اللي بيعمله رئيس الدولة، لما يوعد إرهابيين وقتلة بالإفراج عنهم، ولما يدفع الجيش للتفاوض مع مجرمين دي تبقى إهانة وذل»، بحسب المصادر.

    All this bullshit aside, the fact remains 3 nights have passed and 3 policemen & 4 soliders remained kidnapped and held at ransom, until the egyptian government free the kidnappers fellow comrades from jail, or something like that ( I am not quiet sure of this detail)

    I would love to know what would have been the reaction of the Obama, if something like that happened, hell I believe a lot of countries went to war for far less.  What would have the Turkish PM done if Kurds kidnapped his Turk soliders?

    This situation just highlighted even more how weak Morsi is in responding to such threats.