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  • So you dont have petrol, what to do?


    So you cant find petrol in the country?

    You staying in long queues in the gas station?

    Dont know how to get from point A to Z?

    well the way i see this, it is a blessing, because one we finally becoming a bit more of a less polluted city, so this might actually better for our air.

    Also i would advice to get a bike! obviously you are not going to cycle from Zamalek to Heliopolis, but forexample if you Live in maadi you can cycle in Maadi, if you live in zamalek cycle in zamalek for you errands that are related to the neighbourhood you are in.

    Start carpooling! going out to Tamarai tonight, and you live in Mohandseen, your friend in Dokki, well instead of taking two cars just take one.

    Start taking TAXI’s! our economy is fucked as it is… so help a little bit by spending your cash in Taxi transport and help the taxi drivers.

    Other than sit at home and enjoy the frequent summer electric black outs, its an experience not to be missed

    please take this post with a salt of sarcasm

    also another solution would be hell check out this new application that egyptian developed to track where the petrol is called MAwnley