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  • So there is a revolution… What to do ?


    It has came to my attention, that as per some of the CGers that i am too depressing with my non stop political posts. That people, come to look at my this blog in order to escape. So going as per the recommendation, and as per Coca Cola (who doesnt sponsor this blog) to put something positive out there, or something less depressing.

    So there is a revolution, what can one person do:-

    Cafes: Cairo lets face it, shisha is cairo’s number one addiction after hashesh. However there is one thing that has been growing on all egyptians that they do in cafes, it doesnt matter if you are in Coffee bean or 3enab, you will find someone playing that game! if you dont know it! trust me you must learn it ! it is addictive !

    Monopoly Deal

    Drinking: During revolution times, parties are frowned upon… and they get cancelled. Today itself say B-Side, Teadance & O Bar cancelled their events. However drinking is still socially acceptable. Because after all some of the best ideas come up while you are drinking, including revolutionary ideas. I myself, have came up with brilliant ideas towards the revolution while drinking. So here is where you can drink

    Zamalek:La Bodega, Pub 28, Risas, L’Aubergine & Amici are the titans of Zamalek, obviously.  That being said you can always try something new, maybe the Cellar, Don Quichotte or five bells .. we know these three typically cater for the older clientele, but they have that spirit where its really about the DRINKING. like you feel you are in an actual PUB. We personally have a love affair with Don Quichotte, after all that is where Fishie & Kittie went one of their dates.

    Heliopolis: in helio we recommend these places: Amici, Deals &  L’Aubergine

    Maadi: god that is like a country on its own!!! I think, not sure, Red Onions & Pub 55

    TV: well you need to be kept with the news, now out of experience of too much channel flipping i found these are my favourite things to watch, Al Arabyia & Al Nahar for the news, CBC with Lamis Hadid & Al Youm with Amr Adeeb, i think i lost confidence in ONTV, for some odd reason the quality of its reporting went down

    Facebook:  facebook well here is what (not) to do .. (sorry Timmy Mowafi i am stealing your keyword in this post – read timmy’s latest what not here ), Anyway back to what not to do to avoid a heart attack, DO NOT:

    - Follow random pages that has random names and start sharing them, half of those pages post fake bullshit that just promotes caos, like some of the posting fake tweets from Essam Erian or Morsi,

    - Follow official news sites like:

    Al Watan News paper: https://www.facebook.com/ElWatanNews

    Shorouk News: https://www.facebook.com/shorouknews

    Al Masry Al Youm: https://www.facebook.com/almasryalyoum

    Hezb Al Dostor: https://www.facebook.com/ElDstor.Party

    JOIN IN:  of course there is a revolution happening, and yes it is happening, security is falling, international confidence in the president is running low, and there is zero local respect to him. So yes it is happening!  So maybe… just maybe you can get off your BUM and join in, instead of being on the side lines! if you cant physically help there are other ways to do so:

    - Help with medical supplies ( follow TahrirSupplies on twitter: https://twitter.com/TahrirSupplies )

    - Donate blood with the Law-3andek-Dam http://www.law3andakdam.com/

    - organize a Tahrir clean up in the morning. remember in the 2011 the ladies use to go in the morning and clean it up, i dont know what happened with this revolution.