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  • Skinny Pants r 4 Girls NOT Men!

    oh you look so manly in that


    oh you look so manly in that

    For those who know me, might think the thought of me writing this piece is Hilarious. so Haha. Or others might think its ridiculous. Here is the point Boys // Men are more and more dressing like women. Its not GQ’s fault actually i checked it, they do have close that actually look manly. I blame Justin Beiber! and the worst part this is more visible in the younger generation. So imagine if we have kids, what they would be wearing.

    some Boys // Men LOVE their skinny jeans until now! For the love of my life i dont understand why. Skinny Jeans was invented to make girls look skinny, and show off their BOOTY! …. why would a BOY // MAN want to show that off ? unless he is gay ? and even if he was Gay ? Again, why ? arent gays supposed to like manly stuff ?

    So we were sitting in Coffee Bean  on a normal tuesday noon, when we see this guy wearing skinny pants so tight, that it looks like its match stick legs. I mean seriously forget chicken legs, i am SAYIN MATCH STICK LEGS ! why would someone do that to themselves.

    Men are suppose to look good when they are nice and BUFFED (بالعربي مالي هدومة ) , not skinny. No Girl likes a skinny boy !  Actually there are exceptions, and we make fun of the poor girl, who is dating a guy who is probably more VEIN than her and takes more time in front of the mirror.

    And  Girls its also your fault you support that, by encouraging some of the boys with this fashion, say oh its so cool its so rebel. NO ITS NOT COOL AND MOST DEFINITELY NOT REBELLIOUS !!


    and it doesn’t end at skinny jeans for men here in Egypt, since we are in summer lets talk swimwear. Generally the fashionable thing for MEN is vilebrequin, and honestly i think its Vile, not because they are bad becasue every boy has one its just so COMMON now in sahel and gouna. Other than vile short, there is another fashion that is really short short short swimwear, the ones that are ehmm … UP-TO-THE-JUNK! Like dude seriously cover that shit up.  Thank god, speedos hasnt made it as a fashion yet in Egypt.

    Then while i am at the boys, seriously chill out on the accessories and stuff,  there is one thing every mother taught every Egyptian girl,  you judge a guy based on his Watch, Shoes & Belt.  Its frustrating how sometimes you see a man dressed up in Prada from head to toe, while the girl is just wearing a regular H&M… guys give the girls a chance to shine!!

    and now Girls i noticed that looking like men has become a fashion lately, but at least add a dash of feminity, Guys when they date you they want to be seen with a girl, not a boy.  If they wanted a boy they would have just batted for the other team.  I am one of the biggest supporter of Pants on women, its sexy, it accentuates the BUTT area, specially if you wearing heals ! but when you wear pants try to make it look feminine a bit, with some girlie top or something.

    What i really dont get though, is why in fashion Men are trying to look like Women and Women trying to look like men. Its just confusing how the genders just want to swap places. its weird.