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  • Six Ramadan Tents in Cairo That You Need to Visit


    Ramadan is here and, as always, kheimas are the au courant of going out – because we’re a nation whose collective soul breathes the languages of sustenance and entertainment and little else.

    The World Cup eating into Ramadan has meant that tents aren’t as prolific as they have been in recent years – apparently football is bigger business than the will of almighty God – but there’s still plenty to keep you entertained and fed in the coming dry month.


    Back by popular demand, our pals at Event Republic have resurrected Wahawi for the Holy Month. Like so many of their parties, ER are keeping things deceptively simple on the rooftop of the Le Pacha Boat in Zamalek. With a menu embracing classic Oriental dishes, board games, shisha, Playstations and World Cup matches, Wahawi is the kind of place that lets you create your own atmosphere, be it with friends, family or a date – keep it classy, though, it is Ramadan after all. Call 0100-2487-111 for reservations.


    In collaboration with tent-loving, Ramadan-savouring organizers, Events Plus, Event House and Promovision, Fairmont Heliopolis is doing Ramadan in style once more with the ever-popular Si Omar. Offering fetar and sohour alongside the hotel’s breezy poolside area, football fans will be pleased to learn that the World Cup will be taking centre stage for its remainder. By far the best kheima option for Heliopolites, Si Omar is worth a few trips for those who generally avoid Heliopolis like the plague, like me. Call 16989 for reservations.


    Fairmont Nile City has a reputation in Cairo that is unique to many of its hotel brethren. With their weekly schedule offering Cairo’s nightlife collective a buffet of performers like Ahmed Harfoush, Ellie of London, Lorna of Cairo and DJ Feedo, the hotel is also pretty high on the location-of-choice lists of many of Egypt’s top event organisers. What I’m trying to say is that Fairmont Nile City knows how to do occasions – none more so than Ramadan. FNC’s annual Bab El Nil kheima is back and tackling the Holy Month with a heavy dose of nostalgia. For reservations, call 02-2461-9494.


    Adding a modern and – dare I say it in the context of Ramadan – slightly sexy spin on the traditional Ramadan tent, Four Seasons First Residence and First Mall’s  La Gourmandise is shaping up to be one of the better kheimas this year. With a fetar buffet on offer – as well as set and a la carte menus for sohour – there certainly won’t be any complaints to make when it comes to food. And what better way to celebrate the increasing commercialization of Ramadan than to spend it in a mall? Call 02-3567-1600 for reservations.


    Having taken Cairo’s nightlife and dining scenes by storm with its arrival earlier this year, the Lemon Tree & Co. is one independent purveyor of alcohol that won’t be closing up shop for the month. But to box the Lemon Tree & Co. into ‘nightlife’ would be doing a disservice to its excellent food and setting – two things that suggest the lounge’s kheima, Lemonada, could be one of the best this Ramadan. Fetar, sohour, shisha, a feeteer station and lots more in between. Call 0100-222-3999 for reservations.


    As of now, InterContinental Semiramis’ rooftop pool area is like the World Cup on acid. A veritable kaleidoscope of colour, sound and other Brazil-themed oddities has been packaged together as the Capoeira World Cup Lounge, which stands as one of the best and most vibrant spots to catch the World Cup. It also, however, is set to double up as the Garden City hotel’s Ramadan kheima. Call 02-2797-1818 for reservations.

    Stay tuned for more Ramadan news throughout the month. Happy Ramadan!