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  • Six Other Ridiculous Arrests in Egypt


    We can’t quite wrap our heads around the latest shocking viral story suggesting that a four-year-old Egyptian boy has been sentenced to life in prison for committing four murders, attempting eight and threatening police officers two years ago. Here’s a photo of the savage criminal.

    While it has since been revealed not to be true, we thought you’d find some comfort in our list of other ridiculous ‘criminals’ arrested or investigated in Egypt recently…


    In 2013, a donkey was arrested and taken into police custody for having ‘Sisi’ written on it.  Other reports say that its owner was arrested after he put a military cap on the donkey and called it ‘Sisi’ around his village.


    While it was never actually arrested, Egyptian media speculated that a 2010 shark attack on tourists in Sharm El Sheikh was carried out by an Israeli shark with links to Mossad. We can’t make this stuff up.


    In 2014, the prosecutor general investigated claims by TV lunatic, Ahmed Spider, that the popular puppet character was a masonic/Zionist spy. In what has to be the most epic moment in the history of Egyptian TV, Abla Fahita had to go on live TV with talk show host Khairy Ramadan and explain the concept of satire and puppets to her accusers.


    In 2013, a stork carrying a tracking tag was arrested and accused by authorities of being an undercover spy. After its release, it was killed and eaten. Insert sad-face here.


    Also in 2013 (a busy year for spies in Egypt, it seems), a pigeon was arrested and taking into police custody after it was found carrying a message that read ‘Islam Egypt’. No word on whether it was eaten grilled or stuffed.


    In 2015, Egypt sentenced a dead man to life in prison. He’d been dead for six months. Sadly, this is not the only case of dead Egyptians being sentenced.

    By Kalam El Qahaira