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  • Six Funny Egyptians You Should Be Following on Social Media By Now

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    There’s been a big, black hole in our lives ever since Bassem Youssef left our TV screens two years ago, but there is a somewhat silver lining; not only have we got Saturday Night Live Bel Araby to look forward to; but our social media feeds are now filled with sharp, hilarious Egyptians making us chuckle all day. Sharing is caring, so we recommend you follow:


    If you haven’t watched any of his viral Raseeni videos in recent years, chances are you 1) live under a rock 2) don’t speak Arabic. This fast-talking funnyman has been making side-splitting comedy skits for years now and his Raseeni team includes some of the biggest names in the Egyptian creative/comedy scene – Mohamed Mehesen, George Azmy, Eslam Hosam, Mohamed Fathy and Begad Omran. At over 100k views per video, this man and his team are a comedic gold mine.


    This Impact BBDO copywriter first caught our attention last summer with his skits about Fifty Shades of Grey and girls wearing too much makeup at college, but our favourite so far is his epic rant (see above) about superheroes, disappointing his parents and shibshibs. 650,000 views on his Facebook videos don’t lie.


    This Egyptian actor/director has his 500k Facebook and 400k Instagram followers torn between drooling over his insane travel pics and laughing over his 15-second Vine videos, the best of which are with his dad or with Hassan El Kotch (Fellow Vines comedian Mohannad H). We also like the fact that Sherif switches between Arabic and English, making his typical Egyptian humour understandable to a larger, international audience. Watch a six-minute compilation of his best skits above.


    This Facebook/ Twitter account may be the perfect embodiment of Egyptian alsh. Prolific and consistent in his posts, this anonymous comic keeps his 100k followers giggling every morning with near-perfect one-liners and photo comments. Think of him as the Egyptian version of Fuck Jerry or the Fat Jew on Instagram.


    With over 140k followers on Facebook and Twitter, this screenplay writer/TV host/stand-up comedian has mastered the art of viral posts, commenting on everything from politics, to breakups, to Ahly-Zamalek matches. We also like how he doesn’t shy away from talking about sex in his trademark deadpan, satirical humour.



    This Leo Burnett copywriter (why are they all in advertising?!) had us laugh-crying over his video antics, which mostly involve pulling pranks on his equally hilarious father. Nine times out of ten, Mohamed ends up getting beaten up by his dad, which we probably shouldn’t laugh at, but we do. Check out his YouTube channel for all the videos, but his Facebook page is what’s worth following, especially for gems like this:


    By Biouxsie Bioux