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  • Six Egyptian Athletes to Keep an Eye on at the Rio Olympics


    Over the seventeen days of the Rio 2016 Olympics, over 11,000 athletes will take part in 306 events across 28 sports. While the Olympics may not attract the kind of attention that international football tournaments do in Egypt, one things that Egyptians will happily do is support their fellow countrymen and countrywomen on the world stage.

    This edition of the games will see 119 Egyptian athletes participate in a total of 22 sports. Though few expect Egypt to be high up on the medals table come August 21st, it’s a remarkable achievement for all involved nonetheless – but still, if anyone’s going to pull something special out of the bag, it’s these guys.

    Farida Osman

    farida osman 16Source: PBS

    This national treasure has already made headlines by reaching the 100m-butterfly semi-finals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she ranked fifth. Only 21 years old, Osman is considered to be Egypt’s best performing swimmer.

    Ahmed El Nemr

    archery 16Photo courtesy of Ahmed El-Nemr on Facebook


    He may be the oldest on this list, but 37-year-old archer Ahmed El Nemr is fairly new to the archery game, having started in 2007 and playing competitively in 2009. A winner of several championships, El Nemr is currently ranked 51st at Rio and will play this Monday.

     Afaf El HodHod

    This sharp-eyed, 19-year-old shooter (pictured left) made Egyptian history by becoming the first Egyptian shooter to reach the Women’s 10m Air Pitsol final at Rio, where she came in fifth place this weekend.

    Haidi Adel Morsi

    The youngest Egyptian athlete to ever participate in the Olympics, Haidi was born in 1999 and has already won gold at the 2015 African modern pentathlon Championships.

    Ahmed Akram

    Swimmer Ahmed Akram has been pegged to win a medal after he finished fourth in the 1500m race at the World Swimming Championships, a best-ever position for Egypt. So far at Rio, he came in 27th for the 400m freestyle race, and is up next at the 1500m freestyle on August 12.

    Mohamed Ihab

    Born in 1989, Ihab won bronze in the 2015 World Weightlifting Championship (77kg), and we’ve got our hopes on him winning his preliminary round on August 10. 

    By Kalam El Qahaira