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  • Sing your way to NEW-YORK

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    Sing your way to new york !! well the competition below gives also women a platform for their voice to be heard! anyway its a very interesting competition to check it out … check out the press-release below. and let the world hear you!!!


    Are you an Egyptian female singer? Do you think you have what  it takes to win a trip to New York to record in one of the  world’s best studios? If so, today is your lucky day! Nile Promotions, the US Embassy, and US company Share the Mic are  bringing you “Sing, Egyptian Women,” a competition aimed at  giving women in Egypt a platform to let their voices be heard.

    Here’s what you need to know:
    First, record a video of yourself singing either a cappella or with one instrument played by you or another individual. Upload this video before January 15th to: http://apps.facebook.com/promosapp/212093 where you will also be asked to answer a couple of questions. Once you do this, it’s time to wait. We will pick our Top 60 once the submissions deadline has passed, and will post them on this Facebook platform. From there, the public begins voting for their favorite singers. All 60 contestants will participate in a workshop and mini-concert in February, and then the top 16  will be revealed. The final round will be left up to the public once again, with the bottom half of the contestants being eliminated each week. Once we reach our top 2, the Winner’s Ceremony will take place at the Fairmont Nile City rooftop. A top 40 American female singer will announce the winner of the trip to New York, and she and both finalists will perform in front of an exclusive audience of 1000. This competition is, above all, a platform for women to express themselves and make a difference. These days, it’s
    more important than ever to make your voice heard and what better way than through the arts?

    So, once again, the link is http://apps.facebook.com/promosapp/212093 to upload your video and find out more details about the competition. Spread the word, and good luck!