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  • Sinai Desert & Suez Canal Featured as Huge Maps in New Video Game


    It’s rare to see Egypt featured in popular culture beyond the usual – Pharaohs and desert-dwellers. But in 2015, Om El Donya had a big presence in video game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3; the Egyptian army was imperative to the plot and the game features with scenes from inside the Egyptian Railway Station Ma7atet Masr and Rameses Square.

    This year, its Battlefield’s turn, as it chooses a part of history that is seldom used in first person shooters: World War 1.

    Battlefield 1 was recently released on the 21st of October and has already set two multiplayer maps in Egypt; the first is the Sinai Desert, which is a large mostly desert area – obviously – and you choose to either fight as the British or the Turks as part of the Ottoman Empire for control over certain points in the map with a sand storm blasting through ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple and small villages.

    The second map is Suez, where you pick one of the previously mentioned teams and fight along the Suez Canal for domination on certain strategic points in small villages including the village Kantara, all while a huge battle ship is sinking in the background.

    Both maps are big and ready for players to fight in it, if they’re looking for a Middle-Eastern setting, with the first one for large scale battles that include horses, tanks and even planes for supremacy over the sky, while the other is more of a close quarter combat with trenches and short distances between enemies.

    Battlefield I has received rave reviews internationally and is already out at most of the stores here in Egypt so, happy hunting and have fun.

    By Omar Yousry