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  • Shut it Down | General Strike | إضراب عام


    1. Lets acknowledge alot of readers of this blog are business owners, and/or the offspring of the wealthy

    2. I find it odd that when these people go say to bars/club that they should shut down when they fail to realize that those are businesses too… on average that employs between 30-120 people per venue, yet they wont do the same within their own business ?  i am sorry before you suggest bars to do it, maybe you should do it in your own business

    3. i think the most effective thing to our solution is إضراب عام  ! but as one of my friends commented on facebook ! not only the PRIVATE sector, it has to be PUBLIC sector too !!!

    4. Think about it, when mubarak left… remeber the last week… it WAS A FULL WEEK WHERE WE DIDNT GO TO WORK… granted there was also lack of security and ARMY on the street … which we currently lack

    remembering the army… didnt they release a statement today saying they are watching whats happening and they are always are with شعب