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  • Shops closes 9pm | Restaurants 11pm | Clubs ?

    Egypt Retail Electricity

    Its been rumors, because it has been reported in a number of places including The Daily News Egypt, that retail shops will close at 9pm where as restaurants and cafes at 11pm. This is used as a method to combat electricity problems:

    The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Osama Kamal, announced that a law to enforce stores to close by 9 pm and restaurants to close by 11 pm is being considered. It is expected that the law could come into effect following the Eid vacation.

    as quoted in the Daily News Egypt Article

    Now i have been talking to a several owners of night venues etc, they said this wont affect them. A nightlife  venue has  a different licensee to operate which allows them to run till late. Especially if they are in hotel or a boat, they can operate 24hours. Hotels & Boats obtain their licensee from  The Ministry of Tourism, which basically supersedes the license of ” Al 7ay” الحي !