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  • Shopping Color Guide: FW 12/13


    Pantone, the Leader of the color predictions in the world, they usually predict a year in advance what the color of this season would be, and as i am shopping right now i am seeing a lot of  ”Mustard” “Red wine” and “sapphire blue” …

    Well, from pantone prediction you can see the mustard, is known as HONEY GOLD, and the sapphire blue is the Olympic blue, there is no Reds in their prediction with the exception of Tangerine Tango which is shawia orangish. .. nevertheless i still like my red wine burgandy

    below is another prediction by Berry Jennifer, i would not pretend to know who they are, but i have to say i think their prediction is also what is close to reality especially with the cayenne, red wine, royal purple and turmeric colors check their PRESENTATION  below

    converse colors of the FW 12/13

    do love purple

    the pantone color planner 1

    pantone view color planner