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  • Shameless

    The country is going three days of morning, Cairo Jazz Club closed down and O-bar also postponed el opening. Other venues, where open because lets face it they need to be open, its their business after all.

    But what is shameless is the people sometimes, ya3ni yesterday i get a call from a friend asking me yallabina 3ala Yasso or Tamarai ? i am like ehmm are you serious .. just one day of you sitting at home watching the news won’t hurt, or one night of you not going out wouldn’t hurt, and today is a dry night and tomorrow there isn’t anything to do, ya3ni so easily this weekend could have been not about partying …you want a drink, easy go drink go chill in sequoia, but you don’t have go rip up a party and dance up a storm.

    and No, not every time a revolution happens, (which are becoming a lot lately  in egypt) that we should stop all of our lives and go in SHIT HIT THE FAN mode, but wednesday is different, wednesday 74 people died, 2 of which are friends of ours like real friends of ours, Karim Khouzam, and Omar Moujrim may they rest in peace and heaven for them inshallah. That is why its shameful that one day  after massacre that some people couldn’t take a break and it was disappointing.

    Funny thing is the Facebook chat, while everything was happening on parliament session was airing live, i get two people sending me songs,  maybe it was their attempt of cheering me up but i completely snapped on them.

    Finally i am not that innocent, i went out and partied during nov 19th, but this time its different. and even this time, i didn’t go to Tahrir, but at least i chilled with my friends in a quiet place, not ripped up a storm, how could i with 74 dead.

    and by the way up until sunday, depending on the situation i am not posting on anything party related and trust me i have a lot of news on that, but because i am sticking with the three day morning period.