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  • SEX !

    i had a little bet with myself, that if i put the title of this post as sex, and put a sexual image below, that i will get a BUTT LOAD OF HITS on the website, after all … SEX SELLs (will tell you the outcome tomorrow)

    anyway unlike the title, this post has nothing to do with sex, or if you play your cards right … then maybe you will get some (that is of course if you are married …. pre-marital sex is a big no no  !!!)

    what do i mean play your cards, right… well guys guess whats happening in two weeks ITS V-DAY !!!  And other than getting him/her the gift (we recommend www.thegiftery.com )  you have to do it right …. and well usually, typically the guy is the one who is responsible for planning the night … and GUYs you want to start reserving from now, because trust me a lot of stuff are already pre-booked from 2 weeks ago!!  … but here is the important tip, i get a lot of people asking me on facebook for suggestion of where to take the girl out! and guys listen to this, some girls might be impressed with the shinny, glittery, 10-star hotel restaurant stuff, which really isnt romantic, other than you showing her that you can spend on her fortune.

    The real romanticism is to try to do something personal, and by personal something you two can understand, like for example, imagine for example if you are first date was at sequoia or mori sushi, it might be cute to-recreate that moment. Or maybe she have been hinting on something she has been wanting to do for the past two weeks, and GUYs do listen because girls gives all kind of signals of what they want!!!

    What about if the girl you are dating is a new girl  … like you have been seeing her 2 month and under… what can you do other than fancy dinning shemanzy …. well this is a time where you try to show your creativity, maybe take a car up to mokatem hill, and do a little picnic, with a blanket, try to go to a club house of one of the compounds, they usually have great views of gulf courses.

    oh and what about the flowers … BOYs each flowers has a meaning, just like color has meanings … you might find this useful http://aboutflowers.com/flower-a-plant-information-and-photos/meanings-of-flowers.html …. if you need any more help just INBOX ME on FB and fishie will come to the rescue !