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  • Seven Alternative ‘Summer’ Essentials


    Sahel season – and summer – might be over, but our friends at Hacienda Bay are eternal optimists. You see, it really is true that you never appreciate something’s worth until it’s gone and, if like us, you spent every spare minute on the North Coast, you come learn a few things. This very particular, and ultimately superfluous, brand of wisdom has come to be the difference between a nice day out at the beach and an epic day of forgotten lunacy.

    When it comes to ‘essentials’, I’m not going to tell you take sunglasses, sunscreen and a towel – because that would be insulting your intelligence. Instead, here are seven alternative essentials to ensure maximum – and often ingenious – fun this Eid.

    Swim Rings

    Because you’re never too old to float in the sea, letting the waves rock you gently, until your best friend flips you over. Make that ex-best friend.

    An Extra Pair of Swimming Shorts

    Because accidents happen…

    Water Guns

    Because it’s the best drink dispenser you’ll ever use and squirting people in the face is fun.

    Sippy Cups

    Because you’ll never get sand in your drink again. Not ever.

    Plastic Baggie with Exactly 20LE

    Because even though it tastes like low-grade cardboard, when the fresco guy comes calling, you need to be prepared.

    Beach Toys

    Because we need to revive the lost art of sandcastle-building.

    Sexy Pedicure

    Because damn, girlfriend – you’ve got to if you’re going to expose those toes.

    Now, where’s my money?