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  • #Sept12: Sodic Vs Apple (new iphone, new west town)



    Septmeber 12th is a day not to miss ! whether you are a phone addict or interested in buying new real estate ! What does phones and real estate have to do with the other?  NOTHING… except a common date of release !

    on September 12th sodic would launch its 5th phase of West Town, and based on previous experience i am expecting this one to sell out pre launch or in a matter of hours, just like the previous 4 phases !! phase 5 will be selling DUPLEXes and CITY Villas,  Prices starting at EGP 1.3 million, with 5 and 6 years payment facilities.

    picture property of "Real Estate Egypt"

    on a global level #Sept12 is more about the RELEASE OF THE NEW IPHONE !!  now here are three major rumors regarding the iphone 5 that seems to have truth to it

    - Bigger Screen, 
    - Nano SIM ( smaller than micro sim) to allow for more space within the phone
    - The docking/ Charging port is to be smaller ! bardo to do allow more space within the phone
    - 4G support
    - One of the persistent rumors about the iPhone 5 is that it will have near-field communication (NFC), the short-range wireless technology that enables mobile payments and other communication features

    the picture below is the most expected view of the iphone 5 as per all the iphone gossip blogs !!


    the new pin docking / charging cable for iphone with smaller pin