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  • Sending money with Western Union is blocked in Egypt


    So did you know if you live in Egypt, and you wanted to send money to family/friends abroad with western union, you can NOT?!

    Yes Egypt is probably one of the few countries where western union only supports receiving only now, not sending, This was not the case pre-revolution!

    I was über-surprised  when i went down the western union branch and asked them to send money the other week and they said, no they cant, they havent for a while ever since the dollar was fluctuating? I can only assume & speculate this is because the new Central Bank rules or whatever of trying to avoid hard currency to leave the country, its just my personal assumption.

    But what a fucking disaster! I actually had a real need to send money to someone abroad, and I just couldnt, there was no way to do it other than a bank transfer which takes time!

    So when i grabbed my favourite magazine, Business Today Egypt and going threw it and found the western union advert it provoked me!  Not because its WU fault, no probably because its our messed up economy fault, which of course I blame, the current ikhwan administration for it!

    But at least WU did their advert right, they said Receive, they didn’t Send & Receive like they use to, so to Western Union thank you for honest advertising

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