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  • Sebastien’s ” Sab3a Essentials “


    Sebastian, is one of the partners in Event Republic. An event organizing company that strips all unnecessary hassle that comes along with a party down to  its core element, FUN. coincidentally FUN is Sebastian’s middle name. In his time not organizing parties, you would find him building Lego Castles.

    1. My Lego cufflinks
    Found in the most random of places…come in handy when I am bored in a meeting and/or get the uncontrollable urge to build a Lego castle.

    2. Ismaeil (and the whole ER team)
    Because nothing is more essential than an Ismaeil!

    3. My coffee press
    I’d love to say we have great coffee in Cairo, but we don’t… what we have is mud in a cup… and I can’t start my day with mud in a cup

    4. Advil liqui-gel caps
    I don’t always do headache medicine… but when I do, I prefer Advil liquid gel caps. Without these I think I would have quit a long time ago to pursue my personal dream of becoming a tightrope acrobat with a crippling fear of heights and ropes.

    5. My Converse shoes
    Great for long walks on the beach, can be used as bait when fishing, and they make nifty earmuffs.

    6. Sunglasses
    I’m a sucker for sunglasses… ask me to wear fur laden tassel hanging panther hormone smelling coat hangers as sunglasses and I’ll do it!

    7. Notes
    Yes notes.  Not a note pad…not a pen… notes! Mainly because I have the memory of a fish. What was this interview about again