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  • An Egyptian-American School teaches Israel not Palestine

    AIS Homework

    the Homework

    A concerned mother last night posted her son’s school work on facebook and it went viral ? when you look at this you would expect that this would be homework of a kid in the States, or some other western country. No this homework as per the concerned mum’s facebook came from an american school in egypt

    now i dont know the full story or the full exam, but if thats what they teach the kids in schools here, and not about Palestine, then boy we have a problem ! because that is just making sure that the next generation that grows up is brained washed about even the existence of Palestine in the first place !

    again i dont know the full story but this what i saw passing around on the internet of a concerned mum,

    from what i have seen the mum is raising a complaint with the school and is waiting for feedback from them