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  • Saudi is upset


    Saudi is upset

    I know a lot of us here have some anti-saudi sentiments, but the reality of it is, Saudi is one of Egypt biggest investors, and also one of the biggest source of remittence from abroad ( the money that egyptians living in saudi send back home )

    I am not quiet sure what started this but according to the newspapers what happened was protestors went and attacked the saudi embassy, so the saudi embassy retaliated by closing down its embassy.

    I am confident that this issue will be resolved i mean after all, one Saudi Arabia’s biggest global embasses is in egypt, did you see the mamouth of a tower with the Helipad on the Giza Cournish, yes thats the saudi Embassy

    Saudi Embassy

    and yes the aid or loan of 2.7 Billion we were going to take from them is now on hold till further talks,

    My questions is do you know why these protest there started ? is it because saudi influence on Ikhawan ? if so ma other countries are influence other parties too ? so shouldnt we be cutting off with all embassies in general ? what about all the Egyptian workers in Saudi ? what about the egyptian people that just got hired in Saudi, but now cant go because visa issues ? what do you think ?