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  • Samsung to SUE apple over iPhone 5


    you got to admit, this is hilarious ! its like watching two kids fight !!

    Samsung will sue apple of LTE technolgy, which i am not sure why or how or of that other than samsung holds a lot of patents for LTE !

    what is LTE its what makes 4G phones work i guess.

    ooh and regarding the case Apple won against samsung for 1 Billion USD ! well samsung is appealing this.

    in my humble opinion, those two should just grow up!!! with the amount of costs they are spending on lawyers, they can feed an African nation!

    oh well back to IPhone 5 Review, well in laymen terms. It smaller, its faster, it has IOS6 on it, it has a bigger screen and better battery life. I for sure will be upgrading my iPhone 4S to iPhone5 because there is something i like about apple products, its the fluidity between the hardware and the software !! and like its just SMOOOOOOTHHH but that being said  i saw this comparison between iPHONE 5 and SAMSUNG G3

    source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/apple-iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s3-spec-showdown/