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    Riddle me this, whats a technology that can change size, can role out of a stick, can be a phone or can be a tablet. and no its not harry potter’s magic wand.

    Its the samsung new technological phone prototypes based on OLED, called YOUM.

    Samsung a few years back ago told the world of its OLED basically a simple bendable screen. It looked to futuristic to be considered fantasy, one thought such things only come in 2030. However a few days back Samsung has shocked the world with PROTOYPES of the phone at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2013), The prototypes called YOUM, based on OLED technology gave us  phone that has a bendable screen! How can it be used? Well samsung in the CES has showcased how such technology can be used in day to day life ! check out the  whether a bending a tablet to becoming a phone, or having a big phone popping out of a stick, or a normal phone that makes use of its sides for display.  check out the videos below:

    This advert, imagine a phone and a tablet in one

    The announcement at CES 2013 ( with samsung, together with microsoft software )

    The hands on Experience