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  • Samra Takes Part in a Simulation of a Lunar Mission


    Our future astronaut, Omar Samra, has recently played a vital role in Lunares 3 Analogue Mission 9: a simulation of a lunar habitat which was set in Pila, Poland. The simulation was conducted with the intention of researching and testing a spectrum of issues: crew psychology, physiological performance, robotics, hydroponics, bioengineering, and creative performance.

    Samra, the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, was the mission’s Voice-Commander. The mission also happened to correspond with the longest lunar eclipse of the century, and the first moon landing.

    Our man’s role was to research the crew’s physical performance, and to create dietary plans, exercise routines and more, with the intention of maintaining the fitness of the crew, despite the limited space of the simulated habitat. Additionally, Samra was responsible for growing Egyptian arugula and red radish micro-greens in the habitat’s BioLab.

    Among the crew members were “talented scientists, engineers, artists and aspiring astronauts,” Samra stated. Samra further added that he feels privileged to have been selected to represent Egypt and take part in“humanity’s quest to improve how we survive and thrive during future long duration space missions.”

    The mission commander Dr. Sarah Jane Pell stressed that “the team exemplifies the next generation of space colonists: we are curious, brave, capable trans-disciplinary, hackers, artists, global explorers and imagineers.”


    By Adel M. Fakhry