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    Sahel Directory


    Sahel Directory

    With sahel opening up this weekend, we always tend to have this drama, on where to stay if you dont own a house there.

    Well here is a little directory that could guide you throught it

    Agaztak is a new website launched that can you help find chalets to rent. http://www.agaztak.com/

    Then you have the hotels

    Ghazala: 046-4190060, 046-4190061, 046-4190062, 046-4190063

    Siesta: Opposite to gate 5 marina: 0122-8686888, 0122-8688886

    Al Alamein Marassy Sidi Abdel Rahman Hotel:  046-4680140

    Ocean Blue Marina:   16044, 0100-4848248, 0100-4848548, 046-4452270

    Maxim inn Marina:  046-4453396

    Porto Marina Resort & Spa:  19115


    if you renting houses, or have availability or know more info… sharing is caring.. please leave a comment on this POST itself