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  • Safe in Sahel: Über Takes Over North Coast


    In November of 2014, on-demand taxi service, Über, came to Egypt and stole our hearts. One of the banes of our collective existence – commuting in traffic in Cairo – suddenly became much more tolerable. No longer did we have to worry about finding a cab, or even about said cab abducting us, taking all our money and selling us on the black market.

    In what is set to be the smartest business decision taken since the reopening of Tawfik Okasha’s TV channel, Über is about to invade Sahel this summer, starting Eid and ending in August – i.e. prime summer season.

    Most of us are very familiar with the Sahel struggle (it’s so real); you’re in one compound and interested in venturing to another – the roads are infamously bad, the drivers are often under the influence of drink, drugs or the allure of a beautiful woman, and your parents are infinitely concerned. Uber’s arrival in Sahel will eradicate this issue completely, removing the thorn in your side when your house is in Diplo or Marina and you fancy chilling in someone’s cabina in Hacienda.  

    They’re available any hour of the day – whether you want to head out in the morning to nab yourself prime location on the beach, or after a long night of recreation – you tap a screen and presto! Now you don’t have to worry about driving back when you’re three sheets to the wind, and because it operates on credit/debit cards, you’re free of the responsibility of carrying money, which might be helpful when you can’t remember where you put your left shoe.

    The cherry on this cake of convenience is the bottle of complimentary sunblock offered in Über’s cars. Slather some on – skin cancer is no joke. 

    By Cairo Gossip